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Do you still have precious family memories in the aging VHS format - their audio & visual quality degrading each time you dare to play them?
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RetroMedia Can Help!..
Designed for maximum viewing pleasure, our VHS to DVD Transfers can get your memories onto your big screen with the very best picture quality, some editing to tidy up any loose ends, plus a range of customization options that make it easy for you to enjoy your memories just the way you’d like to..

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Our Superior Transfer Process - Why Would You Need It? Because a clean tape equals a better transfer, we offer pre-transfer cleaning of your tape’s playing surface. Our unique processes remove dust, oils, loose oxide particles - we even have a process for mould - ensuring a better looking end result.

And because our VHS to DVD transfers are produced using only selected high-end decks & professional digital video editing stations, you’ll enjoy better picture quality than from competitors who use only domestic quality DVD recorders.

You have our promise... Because quality matters, RetroMedia Will Never Use DVD Recorders on your precious memories.

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Our VHS Transfers represent great value!

RetroMedia can transfer VHS direct to AVI, MOV or Mpeg4, or we can edit your footage & produce a custom DVD or Mp4 file for you with just the footage you want.

Rates for your particular project will vary depending on quantity of tapes, the options you choose & how quickly you need your job done. Call today on 07 3357 4807, SMS on 0448 855 056 or email us for a quote for your specific requirements.

Please note that we may need longer turnaround times than normal in the pre-Christmas rush, so to avoid disappointment it’s best to get in early.


VHS to DVD - Joining short tapes
Got A Heap Of VHS Tapes?.. Our Bulk Discounts start at quantities of just five tapes..

VHS to DVD - Tape Cleaning & Repair
Damaged Tapes?.. Mouldy Tapes?.. We can clean &/or repair any broken tapes you may have before conversion. We can save tapes nobody else in Australia can.

Need Editing?.. You can have us edit & enhance your material - as much or as little as you like - or we can simply supply you with raw files and you can edit-your-own.

VHS to DVD duplication
Need Extra DVD Copies?.. Extra copies of any DVD are available for just $10 each.

Formats We Handle?.. We accept both Australian PAL & overseas TV standards, NTSC* & SECAM*.

• Surcharges apply.